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New SEO Company gets first page results. Seo Company works for you with organic search engine optimization. This SEO company may be new but the work we do of website optimization has been performed professional for seven years. Most people think that you need many high page rank backlinks for site relevance in order to rank high on the search engines. I have found that you only need a small number of high page rank backlinks to have a top 10 ranking. You can be on the first page of the search engines with as little as ten backlinks even in high competitive keyword terms if your on-page optimization is perfect.

The principle key to ranking in the top 10 is your on-page optimization and not your off-page optimization. Sure it is true that if you have one million backlinks that you will not need much on-page optimization but who can afford the money and the time to acquire a extremely large number of anchor text backlinks. Most website owners want to spend as little as possible to obtain first page results. Consider organic website analysis that uses a proven formula unlike any other firm on the internet today.

Most companies that do on-page optimization focus on keyword density and original website content that is well written and these are very important if you want your web page optimized correctly. Some online companies speak of keyword placement as a very important part of the process but none of them really knows how to use keyword placement to it's maximum effectiveness. Our SEO company specializes in proper keyword placement in order to gain the most from search engine optimization.

Every word on your site is extremely important along with all of your keywords and without proper placement of every word then your site will not have an excellent description according to the search engines. Most websites do not have properly written metatags. We specialize in effective writing of the entire website. Our SEO firm provides a comprehensive analysis or we will sell you our inside formula for success.

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