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1. The first important how to SEO tutorial step in search engine optimization of a website is to have a domain name that contains the main keyword. Sometimes depending upon availability of a domain name you may want the main keyword and your secondary keyword in the domain name. How to SEO the domain name by having a concise description of the website. Your domain name can make or brake you when it comes to ranking a website on the first page of the search engines. An search engine optimization firm will make sure that the domain name is relevant to the overall subject of your website and you will learn how to use SEO tutorial.

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2. The next very important step in how to SEO your website involves having original content. Make sure that the content on your home page appears no where else on the internet. If you have articles or blogs written about your website make sure that the content on the home page of your site does not match them best SEO firm techniques. Try to write the content yourself using a Word application to ensure correct spelling and grammar because this is important to the search engines. Content that is not original will not rank well on the search engines. You may want to hire a professional SEO writer just for the home page. You will want about 500 words on the home page on the average because search engines like a certain amount of content as well as original.

3. How to SEO guide recommends the optimization of the home page for the proper placement and density of your keywords. As a general rule you will want about 3 keywords for every hundred words that you have on your home page. This will give you the proper keyword density. For best optimization one will want to place most of the keywords at the beginning of your content because when the search engine spiders crawl your site, it will send a signal to them telling what the site is all about. This is how to SEO. What the search engines first read will determine the subject and relevancy of a site based on the keywords. Make sure your main keyword is in the last sentence of the content so the search engines will know the closing subject of the site.

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4. How to SEO the meta tags for best optimization will be next on the list. The meta tags are the HTML part of the website that are only seen by the search engines. Make the HTML title very descriptive of the website containing 50 to 65 letters and spaces are included. Your HTML title must contain the main keyword only once and also include your secondary keyword only once. Some search engines place great importance on the HTML title so you should do the same. Next write the description using the exact wording from your website content. The description should be about 25 words and should have your main keyword in it 2 or 3 times. The meta tag keywords only have some importance. This is part of the how to SEO Tutorial. You should have about 5 to 10 keywords in this part of your meta tags.

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5. How to SEO effectively for good backlinks. Naugle SEO firm shows the best kind of backlinks are anchor text links that contain the main keyword. It is important optimization that you get backlinks slowly to show the search engines that they were obtained naturally. Get a small number of backlinks every week of about 250 to 500 on new sites and as much as thousands on aged domains. Older domains rank higher on the search engines so always renew the domains you have and keep them. You will want back links from many different sources for effective optimization. Obtain back links from forums, articles, directories, social book marking, Wiki, press releases, blogs and EDU & GOV back links as well. The most effective back links are from high page rank sites.

We have just given you an excerpt from our SEO (search engine optimization) formula. For complete blueprint click SEO Formula and have a first page ranking. Our firm expresses the fact not to over do optimization but stay within the algorithm. Naugle how to SEO Firm will rank websites on the first page in natural listings.

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